Cut Out Probate Using A Payable On Death Designation

When it comes to making it easier on loved ones after your death, there are few estate planning moves easier than creating payable on death (POD) designations. This way of distributing assets to your beneficiaries puts your estate beyond the reach of the probate court so read on to learn more. Probate Can Consume Your Estate Unless you take action, your estate will be forced to undergo the probate process. Probate is a legal manner of ensuring that creditors are not left without the means to be paid what they are owed. [Read More]

Beware Of Nonsolicitation Agreements In Your Contract

When you are working for a company and you are considering starting your own business as well, you may find it useful that you have already established so many business contacts. However, you should think twice if you have signed a nonsolicitation agreement. At any point in your relationship with your employer, you might be asked to sign such an agreement.  ​Why a Nonsolicitation Agreement? Nonsolicitation agreements are common in markets where there is a limited pool of customers. [Read More]

Tips For Succession Planning In Your Family Business

If you're the founder of a family business, your focus is probably on getting things done on a day-to-day basis. However, it's important that, as you get older, you start thinking about how the business will continue when you want to retire. Succession planning is vital for any company, but when you are working with family, this kind of planning can be a challenge. Use these tips so that your business can continue to flourish when you pass the reins to another relative. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Hire A Probate Lawyer

Dealing with the distribution of an estate after a loved one has passed on can often be a very difficult and complicated process, mostly because there are a huge number of issues that can come up. Listed below are three reasons to hire a probate lawyer to help you deal with the distribution of an estate. Handle Disputes Between Beneficiaries One of the biggest reasons to hire a probate lawyer is to get some help dealing with potential disputes between beneficiaries. [Read More]